The Incarnation:

The bedrock a practical works. 

Why, we do, what we do!


What we believe impacts 

everything we think, do and say.


What is the church,

Business conscious

Body conscious

Christ conscious?


Living right side up in an upside down world:

The Sermon on the Mount 


One last  farewell lesson in 2 Timothy:

Chapter 4


Paul’s faithful perspective, and God focus

Vs. 6-8


Overwhelmed due to underwhelmed:

5 Keys Paul lived to Remaining faithful in difficult times:

“It’s always too soon to quit“


By holding to a close friend and confidant


By getting over those who caused disappointment


By restoring others


By watching out for those who can harm 


By remaining God focused


Be determined to be His:


I am willing to receive what You give

I am willing to lack what You withhold

I am willing to relinquish what You take

I am willing to suffer what You inflict

I am willing to be what You require.