Isaiah 29
The cause and cure of Spiritual Blindness
1-4: God humbles the proud
5-8: The Lord protects the humble
9-10: The Stupor of Spiritual Blindness
11-12: The illiteracy of Spiritual Blindness
13-16: God's reasoning for sending it
17-21: Sight and Justice 
22-24: Restoration of God's People

What Spiritual Blindness Causes:
Will bring Humiliation 
Leads to Stupor
Leads to Lethargy
Leads to Illiteracy
Leads to thinking God is blind, deaf, and ignorant
Leads to the denial of God's existence

It can only be cured through:
It can only be healed through:
Restoration by and of The Lord 

Knowledge puffs up, Love builds (edifies) up
1Cor. 8:1....