Frequently Asked Questions

The 2015 Gala Fundraising Event is just a few weeks away. You won't want to miss this wonderful night! We thought we'd take a moment to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about this year's event.

Why did we bring in Rick Santorum as our Keynote Speaker?

The board of directors felt Senator Santorum's name would help us reach new persons to partner with Life Choices. This would provide additional funding for the vision of Mobile Unite and STD testing so that Life Choices can reach even more women considering abortion.

Why are you charging for tickets this year when in the past it's always been free; is it because the venue is more expensive?

The venue is not more expensive. The cost for the Atlantis is the same as it was for the Carson Nugget. The even has never been free even though attendance was free. There is always a cost of the meal, speaker, and other ancillary expenses. We're charging for tickets this year because otherwise some who are unfamiliar with Life Choices may come simply to hear Rick Santorum but have no desire to partner with the ministry. With a ticket charge those who are curious about him or would be hecklers, probably won't come.

Why is the event in Reno?

We chose a larger venue believing it would be needed.

Wouldn't it be better for the center if I just don't attend the event?

Definitely not! We count on you being there and look forward to seeing you each year! Plus you don't want to miss hearing this gracious, humble man speak about his passion for pro-life. Please come and join us for this night to celebrate what the Lord is doing through Life Choices. Factor in your ticket price to whatever amount the Lord is putting on your heart to sow into Life Choices this year. Give the difference as a one lump sum that night or as a pledge over the next 12 months. 

Tickets are available Call 885-1700 or go to 

e look forward to seeing you here!